August 3, 2009

Hey Lady

This lady bug charm would make a great zipper pull or key chain it is really cute.
I found this

This bag is so summer. I love it. It does remind me of summer time, but it would be great to carry any season. Patch work is really in style these days. I found this at

This apron is great. Little ones always love helping in the kitchen and they should do it in style. This would also be great for crafts. I found this at

This clip is just precious I can see this in my little girls hair. This is such a creative bow. TOO CUTE found it at

Oh my goodness these are sooo cute. Little lady bugs on the feet of a little one. These are perfect for summer or fall. I found these little cuties in lilcubby's etsy shop

My oldest daughter who we call Peanut just loves ladybugs. I can't tell you why, she just has always liked them. She used to carry a little lady bug baby doll everywhere she went. It was crazy she wouldn't even sleep with out this doll that she called baby bug. But when here little sister arrived she gave it to her and hasn't asked about it since. How ever on occasion she will find it and say "Hey it's baby bug" and then she will hand it over to her sister. It really is sweet.
So as I plan my second daughters first birthday I decide to let Peanut help me with it. So I asked her what kind of party did she think Mari would like to have and with so much excitement she yells a Lady bug party. So with lady bugs on my mind I decided that while I was cruising etsy I would do today's post on Lady bugs as well. See I can multi-task. I found so many cute things. It was so hard not to post everything on the blog today, but I did good. Back to party planning for me.

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