April 7, 2011

Leaning on God

I can't not believe where our country is headed or should I say have become. I can not believe that grown adults haven't got it together enough to work out a budget for our country.  I understand that we can't keep spending money we don't have and I also understand in hard times but when you can't pay the people who protect your freedom because of a difference in opinion that is truly sad.  Being a wife to one of the fine men who serve our country and a mother of three wonderful children I really should be stressed or even panicked. But I really have a calm peace surrounding me, because I have faith. I can honestly say I am not worried if my kids are gonna eat or if we will have running water. I know I serve an amazing God that I can lean on with faith during any situation in my life. Why should we waste so much energy on things we can't control, why should we panic or get so upset when we can't do anything about it. In this situation it truly is out of my hands and all I can do is pray for our leaders to make wise decisions in a timely matter, lean on my God for comfort and have the smallest amount of faith that I will be provided for.  It says that if you have faith the size of a mustard seed you can move mountains. Matthew 17:20
You know how small that is. My mind can't even wrap around that but I do believe that God is in the good times as much as he is in the bad times and that he makes all things possible even the impossible. Nothing is to big for God. I just want to encourage anyone who might be feeling a little mangled from all the news about maybe not receiving a paycheck next week. Know that I am praying for you and  Please pray for comfort and peace to be with all the families of those who serve and please pray for the service men and women who may be worried about them during this time.

April 3, 2011

Finally got a Facebook page

So now I am full swing with the world. I finally got a Facebook page for my business. Yeah I know about time right. I think it is harder to post pictures and keep up with a blog than it is to make the stuf. Man it took me forever. But it is done and I am excited to see where this goes. I have so much fun creating and I have such high hopes for this. So I posted a bunch of bows and plan to work on posting more stuff this week. Here are some things you can find on my page. Please take some time and go over there and show me some love by liking it.  I really do appreciate all the encouragement I find from you fine people and I am truly thankful for all of you who follow my blog thanks so much.  Enjoy 

March 31, 2011

Colorado Really?

Got some really sad news today so how do I deal with it....hhhhmmm I know goof off with my kids on the web cam. There were some really funny ones you know the kind where they make silly faces and what not but I didn't have one of those with all of us. So yeah about this sad news I am still processing it and well we got orders to go to Ft. Carson Colorado. I don't even know where to start on how I feel about it. I am not happy but I can't say that I am angry ether maybe a little sad but at the same time not really. Well enjoy the photos

I have found so much love in Tn. I found some of the best friends I have ever had in my life. I have a church here that has grown me so abundantly in my walk with God. I DON"T want to leave any of this. Happiness has always been a struggle for me to find however I have to say I do have  true happiness here. I know that a location doesn't define me and I am sure where ever I am headed will be filled with many happy moments. I am just trying to deal with the many feelings I have about moving. Yeah I was a milatary brat and moved many time through out my childhood, but just because I am use to it doesn't mean that it get's any easier. Yesterday as I opened the email my husband had sent I could feel my heart drop as I read the word orders. Yes we will be moving mid December to Ft. Carson and I am trying hard to find the good in it. It is just so hard to let go of this wonderful place. I will cherish the memories of this period of my life and who knows maybe one day we will be back. I still have a while before we leave and should make the best of it and maybe in time I will grow some excitement.  But for now I will look at my house that we just bought last May and start thinking of all the things I am going to have to do with it before it can go on the market. Just two days ago I was looking at it with eyes for design and making plans to decorate. I really really don't want to rent it out so I am praying for the new owners that will buy it later this year, they will indeed have wonderful neighbors and a wonderful house. I think this has been the first time I have regretted my burnt orange living room, I knew it would have to be repainted but never thought it would be this soon. So much to do and so much to think about. On the bright side at least my husband will be home for this move and I might as well just leave the boxes in the garage packed. Brighter things will come out of this.....I hope