September 28, 2009

I just love all these little creations. My daughter has been gaining an interest in Mushrooms so in light of her curiosities I have decated todays post to that.

Well blogger has change a bit, so it will take so getting use to for me to get back into the swing of things and post shop names with the photos.  I am also trying to find a design that goes with my personality and the personality of this blog. I am have been left behind by the technical advances so it will take me time to learn how to designs this the way my brain has it pictured. But all in good time. I can't wait til payday when I go to buy some of those computers for dummies books.

This weekend I took part in a run to raise Awareness of child trafficking. It was hard for me to run for I am so out of shape. But it felt good when I finished. Not only body wise but soul wise to. Sometime I forget how good it is to publicly support out believes. It has been so long since I have done anything to better the world. I had a once believed that I would of accomplished so much good in this world that my tombstone would read some like... She dyed trying to save the world.. I know I giggle too. But somewhere in life I forgot all the dreams I had. I put them on the back burner of life and followed the path that was there for me to follow. I want so bad to create my own path. I am not saying that I am not creating my own life as I am sure I add wear to the path I am on now. I feel I am leaving a mark that shows I have been there. Something. I just want to add so much to this world. I want my life to impact...I am not sure what. Maybe that is why I haven't strayed far from path that was pre-designed. The cookie cutter life I am leading now. Please don't think I am in anyway that I am  putting down my life now, I love it and feel very blessed to have it. However I just have had this longing for as long as I can remember that I would do something big. I am not sure exactly where this rant is going but I felt an urge to share this with you guys today. So that is what I have done. I know that it seems like an incomplete thought (at least to me) but that is all I have at this time. I hope everyone has an awesome week.

September 9, 2009


I love the idea of anything that is reusable like this coffee sleeve, leave to the crafter to come up with this cute idea. I found this one at

I am in love with these cute little stuffed owls. I love the trendy fabric that was used it has a retro feel to it. I found these little guys in

This owl necklace reminds me of jade, I love the glitter. I found this little treasure in

These earrings are a one of a kind. I love that shade of orange. TOO CUTE I found these at

I love this little planter this would be really cute paired up with the trivet below. You could even plan some cooking herbs in it. I found this little find at

This would look great with any kitchen decor I also think it would be nice to hang anywhere else in the house. Found this in

Oh my word, these would be perfect to add to just about any crafting project...Made by and they also have them in a bunch of other colors..

This is super cute.. I love the fabric that was used and the giant eyes, Made by

When I was a little girl my family would take trip to Georgia most summers. I had a great aunt that we would visit while I was there. She collected owls and had a whole room dedicated to her collection. Every time we would visit her she would give us a tour of the room, I always looked forward to this. I loved to see the many different owls that she had. I have been a collector of many things but never of anything that I could dedicate a room to. I miss this time in my life and have been thinking of these trips we use to take.
My aunt is gone now but the memories she gave me are always on my heart. I think of her at times and I think of her collection, as anytime I see an owl I think of her. It is funny how things can lead to memories of a person, I like that about life. I wonder what things when seen bring people to think of me?

September 8, 2009

Halloween is coming

made by ArtPodStudios

sold by kazalis

made by mangiaDesigns
made by thehomespunraven

made by Nanastutus

made by CritterJitters

Made by ChellesCraftCorner

It is coming. Yes Halloween and I can't wait. Something about the kid in me still enjoys dressing up even if it is just to hand out candy or take the little ones trick or treating. I really love it and the fact that I still look like a middle school kid dressed up allows me to really stock up on treats. I still get a kick out of it when all the adults tell me that my little sisters are sooo cute. I don't even bother telling them that they are my children. Too funny.
To me today is like Monday because of the holiday so I am starting my week off today. I am excited as I will be posting new items to my shop today and posting a few things to my new store. I have alot of exciting things happening for me right now. I hope that exciting things are happening for you too. If anyone has good new please share by commenting it I am sure we all would love to hear it. Good day