March 31, 2011

Colorado Really?

Got some really sad news today so how do I deal with it....hhhhmmm I know goof off with my kids on the web cam. There were some really funny ones you know the kind where they make silly faces and what not but I didn't have one of those with all of us. So yeah about this sad news I am still processing it and well we got orders to go to Ft. Carson Colorado. I don't even know where to start on how I feel about it. I am not happy but I can't say that I am angry ether maybe a little sad but at the same time not really. Well enjoy the photos

I have found so much love in Tn. I found some of the best friends I have ever had in my life. I have a church here that has grown me so abundantly in my walk with God. I DON"T want to leave any of this. Happiness has always been a struggle for me to find however I have to say I do have  true happiness here. I know that a location doesn't define me and I am sure where ever I am headed will be filled with many happy moments. I am just trying to deal with the many feelings I have about moving. Yeah I was a milatary brat and moved many time through out my childhood, but just because I am use to it doesn't mean that it get's any easier. Yesterday as I opened the email my husband had sent I could feel my heart drop as I read the word orders. Yes we will be moving mid December to Ft. Carson and I am trying hard to find the good in it. It is just so hard to let go of this wonderful place. I will cherish the memories of this period of my life and who knows maybe one day we will be back. I still have a while before we leave and should make the best of it and maybe in time I will grow some excitement.  But for now I will look at my house that we just bought last May and start thinking of all the things I am going to have to do with it before it can go on the market. Just two days ago I was looking at it with eyes for design and making plans to decorate. I really really don't want to rent it out so I am praying for the new owners that will buy it later this year, they will indeed have wonderful neighbors and a wonderful house. I think this has been the first time I have regretted my burnt orange living room, I knew it would have to be repainted but never thought it would be this soon. So much to do and so much to think about. On the bright side at least my husband will be home for this move and I might as well just leave the boxes in the garage packed. Brighter things will come out of this.....I hope

March 10, 2011

Things I made for trade

I used to sell my cards on and I found success there well I found some. But I also found that my love of paper crafting isn't for sell. I became resentful towards my cards and even stopped scrapbooking all together. SO long story short I quit doing it so that I could do the thing I loved with the love I had for it. Now I still do paper crafting and I know that is where my heart is but I really enjoy making bows and I do it because it is fun. When I paper craft it is an outlet for relaxing to me. But with almost every other craft I do I do for some other reason. When I make beads I do it to relax as well but with three young kids I don't seem me heating up the torch anytime soon because that sounds nuts not relaxing. Laughing out loud. Anyways to get back to the point of it I am going to try and trade all my other crafts such as hairbow and knitted ware as well as jewelry on  I am hoping that this doesn't take the joy of it for me. I have long wanted to start selling my hair bows. I think they are super cute and I have found a pretty cost efficient way to make them. So I could sell them for a better price that I have seen many people selling them for. I am always receiving compliments on them. I am gonna start trading them first and have listed I think 6 in my old etsy shop just to see if anyone bites. I really would appreciate some feedback on them. Tell me if you think people would buy them tell me what you think of the price. Oh just tell me anything.  

Life has been so chaotic lately I started off the year with getting my wallet stollen and that took forever to replace all the important cards such as id cards. Then spending 11 days in the hospital with my two month old baby who started off having rsv that then turned into phenomena. That was a roller coaster ride of hell. I am just so glad to be back in my own home and under my own sheets. With all this going on I wonder if life will ever return to normal. My husband has now been deployed to Afganistan for the last 6 months. I have been holding up pretty well until recently. I have managed to run the house hold with the kids and my volunteer work pretty well. But noe I have started get worried about how life will be when he comes home. I am not scared and believe me so I want him home more than anything. I just am worried about how life will be. Since he has been gone I have taken on everything and we have added a kid to the mix. I like to imagine that life is going to be perfect for us. But in all reality through this deployment I hardly even get to speak to my husband and when I do there is always some awkwardness there. Maybe because we speak to each other so rarely or maybe because he doesn't want me to worry so he doesn't tell me about how bad it is there. I don't know ether way but it make me think that might still be present when he comes home. Will I even be able to speak to my man once I have him in my arms. How will the kids react. I am just so over this deployment. 

March 9, 2011

I found the coolest new web site where you barter you hand made objects for other handmade objects. I jut made my first trade for some little felt owls. I am so in love with this site you should check it out I happy because I have always thought that there should be a site like this. I have already posted like 6 of my hair bows. I can't wait til someone gets them.