August 20, 2009

Rain drops keep falling on my head

I just love, love earrings, if you haven't already noticed. These remind me of little raindrops. I found them

This little clutch covered in silver dots would be great for so many things. I really do need to e-mail the hubby a wish list. I found this at there are so many wonderful little bags in this shop.

This pendant would look great on a choker or a long chain. It is so very pretty. I found this and many other wonderful things at

This shear scarf is perfect for the weather right now. You know where it is about to be not so hot and not cold. That weather where change is happening, seasons going and coming. Plus shear seems to be in right now. I found this at

I love this bag it just looks so roomy, I really like the simplicity of it. I found this at

This print of little red riding hood in the forest (at least I think it is little red) is so pretty. I really like the colors used. It reminds me of the type of day I am having. I found this at

This umbrella necklace is really nice. I really like the pearl. I found this at they have many designs to choose from all very creative and cute.

Today the weather is just gloomy, it seems like the rain clouds are not only outside today. There is one following me around my house pouring down on me. You know they say when it rains it pours well it is storming around here. I won't bore you with the details but life is just hard for us right now. It seems like we are always a few steps behind where we need to be. So today I tried to find items that expressed the weather and the mood I am in. With the rain and gloomy greys. I know life will get better and that to have a pretty rainbow you first have to have the storm.

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cloudhopping said...

Some lovely picks - and thanks for including my scarf with all those other lovelies!