July 29, 2009


We all know how I love the cherries. I found this find after I had posted the blog and decided to add it because it is so cute and two it cherries. I found this while shopping for a dress at Jaycene.etsy.com

This is simple and sweet. It would go with any outfit. I found this and many other wonderful things at WhimseysVintage.etsy.com

This little purse is so cute. Perfect for a night out when all you need is your keys, wallet, and lipstick. TOO CUTE
I found this in oldgrowth's etsy shop

Green with envy. Yes your friend will be if you have this purse. Just kidding. I just love play on words. But it is super cute. It looks very roomy. I found this little wonder in hautecountryvintage's etsy shop

This purse makes me want to go out an buy a formal gown just to have an excuse to buy this pretty little purse. I love the gold and the shiny gem. I found this in
rabbity's etsy store

I want, I want, I want. This is such a classic look and would go with any wardrobe. This shop has such cute stuff I had to choose both handbags to feature today because I just couldn't choose. I found this and the next one in modhuman's etsy shop

This one has stood the test of time. I see this style even today in stores. This would be a perfect everyday bag. I found this in modhuman's etsy store.

Oh my goodness I can picture this on my arm. I love this style. I found this beauty at

This is a darling purse. I like that is very veritable, it can be dressed up or down. Very cute. I found this in emmylucy's etsy shop.

I have been watching the season two of madmen and it has made me realize that I should of been born a long time ago. The style of the late 50's and early 60's suits me. I just love vintage handbags. I have been collecting them since I was 15. I have a decent collection but I always want more. What collection is ever complete right. These bags are all very cute and very affordable. I had such a hard time not buying all of them. Soon I will have to add some of these wonders to my collection because they are sooooo cute.

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Claira said...

Oooh! Thanks so much for adding my bag up there, what a BEAUTIFUL collection of handbags you've found, I'm seriously coveting them, especially the green what - what a stunner! x Claira