August 7, 2009

Flowers are so nice

If this hat isn't darling then I don't what is. This is a sweet little hat and this seller has them in lots of different color to go with all your little ones outfits. So very cute and I found this at

I just love these vintage pins they are really classic. I don't wear pin personally but these would look great pin on to a handbag to class it up or on a cute hat. I really like the daisy one but the both are nice and classic. I found these at

This reminds me of summer and fourth of July and so much more. Daisies are one of my favorite flowers because they are so simple and pretty. This is super cute and I found it at

These retro coasters are so cute. I love the fact that they are knitted because you can throw them in the wash when something spills on them. And in my house everything eventually get spilled. I found these cuties at

This gorgeous flower head band is truly sweet and could be worn with so much. I just love the big pearl in the middle it gives it a vintage feel. I found this at

I love flowers, what girl doesn't. They really can dress up anything and everything from a handbag to a notebook to a hair do. These are some really fun hand made items that I found during chat today.
Summer is almost over and fall is around the corner. So today lets take a chance to enjoy the warm weather and the pretty flowers. I guess lets all take time to smell the flowers. Have a great weekend everyone.

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