July 28, 2009

Tea Time

Oh my goodness this little tea set is sweet. This set is totally customisable and you can order it to you liking. I love it when sellers let you know this. I think my little girls would love tea time if they had this set. Of coarse the little one has some growing to do before tea time. I found this in KymminNC's etsy store.

These are so cute and could even be used to make invites for your tea party or to scrapbook your tea parties. This would be an excellent combo with the party favors below. I found these in corrina318 etsy store.

I think this is soo cute and creative. It makes me want to have a tea themed party just to pass these out as favors. This creation was done by favormakers.etsy.com and they have the cutest favors plus you can choose the color combos. I Love it when I can make everything match.

I think this is just wonderful. How cute a little tea pot magazine holder. I can picture it is a kitchen holding cook books or tucked into a little nook holding magazines. Ether way it is super cute. I found this in paperdollwoodshop's etsy shop. They also make this in other colors to match your decor.

This darling little dress reminds me of my mothers china set. I love anything with a white and blue contrast. The tea pot adds just the right touch to this little darling dress. I found this at allthenumbers's etsy store

This little toy set is soooo cute. At first I thought it was already made but this is actually a pattern for you to make it your self. I think this would make a wonderful project to do with your little one. How much fun would that be I found this in
LittleCrickets's etsy shop.

Today was such a nasty day. The weather was so rainy and the sky so grey. It was just one of those days where it is hard to motivate and you just seem to be so sleepy. I usually love this weather and welcome the rain. I guess it just hit me differently today. I thought why not sit back and have some warm tea. It has been so long since I have had a cup of tea. I find it so relaxing and plus the caffeine gives you a boost. As I was sipping on my hot creamy tea I thought how nice it would be if I had a pretty little tea cup. So of coarse I got on the computer and began to hunt.. you know just to price something for a future purchase and then it came to me. I should do today as a tea day. You know they say ( i am not sure who they are) you need to take time to smell the flowers I think every now and then I need to take time to enjoy the tea. I don't know why but it always seems I can find a quite place to enjoy my tea. Like the kids just know and seem to find something to do. It is quite nice.

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