July 10, 2009

Project Vacation----The wet lands

I am having the most wonderful time on vacation. Right now I am in Louisiana visiting my older brother. He took us sight seeing to the swamp and I never picture the swamps as being pretty. I have always thought of them as being smelly, wet, infested with bugs and all around not a place I would want to be. Boy was I wrong. This has got to be be one of the prettiest places I have been. There wasn't a nasty smell and the scenery was absolutely breath taking. The Cyprus trees shoot up from the moss covered water. There are flowers I had never seen, even a book and the birds are of all different kinds. There are giant spiders that even I was kind of scared to photgraph because I thought they might jump on me. We were lucky enough to arrive around sunset and that was a breathtaking event. I hope everyone enjoys the pictures as much as I have enjoyed taking them. This experience has changed my opinion of the wet lands and Louisiana as whole. This state is truly beautiful and a place that should top the list of places to visit. We are here for one more day and I am going to try and take in as much of this state as I can.


Rebecca said...

Great photos! It does look like a pretty spot minus the spiders ;) Glad you enjoyed the visit!

glittirstar said...

Oh we enjoyed it so much we are planning another trip just there.