July 24, 2009

Glittery...Girlie...and of corse Cherries

I have an eye for things that glitter and I love anything stars. And this fits the bill.I found this is FashionCandy's etsy shop.

My little girl loves everything Little Mermaid and when I saw this my mind went straight to her and who she likes to call lala. This is such a darling little mermaid dress that I found at AngelsBoutique's etsy shop

This would be cute in any girlie's room with the bright glittery colors. Heck it would be cute in my office too. Found this at BoutikiHut's etsy shop.

Like I said before I have an eye for glittery stars and this one is soo cute. First off I love star fish and often incorporate them into my work because of the starfish story. If you haven't heard it before you can check out the shortened version here http://www.cedu.niu.edu/~fulmer/starfish.htm oh yeah by the way I found this in
theglittergirlz etsy shop and they have tons of treasures,

Now isn't this just sweet as can be. This would be so perfect for dance class, dress up or a special event. I think this very versatile bow would even go great with jeans. It has now been added to my wish list. This little treasure was found in Kmonticue.etsy.com 5c shop.

Oh y'all know how I love the cherries. This is a super fun card is made by one of my absolute favorite etsy sellers. She also sales scrap booking supplies on line at http://gensscrapbookkitchen.com/ and all of her handmade items can also be found
gspeegle on etsy.com

As soon as I saw this it became a must have of mine. I can see this in a little girls hair for sure but that is not why I want it. I think it would be super cute in my grown up hair as well. I found this beauty at andreacreates on etsy.com

Yes cherries again. who would of thought it. Well with all the pressure these days to be green why not do it in style and can get any more style in a sandwich bag than this. I think not... This wonder was found in teddeco's etsy store

I didn't have a direct theme today but was feeling quite girlie. Today should of been a dress day however I am in jeans. The weather is nice and I am dying to get out this weekend and soak some of it up. I will do the whole dress thing this weekend and perhaps I will even take the family out for a bright picnic. That is one of their favorite things to do and I love it because it is pretty much free and we get out side. I encourage all of you to get out and enjoy the beauty that the world has to offer maybe take a walk or a picnic. Just enjoy it while it's here.
Also you can now just click on the photos and it will direct you to the items. Yes I am figuring out technology. It's about time right.

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andrea creates said...

Oh wow-thank you so much for featuring my headband-it's one of my favorite things to make:)