July 26, 2009

This etsy seller is very talented, and it was so hard to pick just one of the photos to feature. Here pictures are just breathtaking. I found this at shannonpix.etsy.com
Lately I have been seeing the dandelion trend everywhere from home decor to clothing. This little bag is sooo trendy and cute. I found this in Shakuyaku's etsy store.

Like I said before you are really seeing dandelion everywhere. Is there an easier way to decorate than vinyl rubbings. I think not. It is almost like applying a giant sticker to you wall. Easy on easy off. I love anything easy. I found this in ArtConductor's etsy shop

These aren't really dandelions but they seemed to remind me of them any how. I love the wispyness of theses pins. If wispyness is even a word, I guess it is now. These wonders were found at Doomfoxetsy.com

I wouldn't be me if I didn't stumble on to something that was cherry. This cherry blossom tree is so timeless and pretty. I can't think of one thing that it wouldn't go with. It is going to be on my wish list for sure. I found this beauty and much more in
WireGirl's etsy shop.

This is what started the whole dandelion theme today. I stumbled upon this artist and spent a good 30 min. in here store. There was just such wonderful art in there. You can find this and many more at papermoth.etsy.com

I have been more drawn to dandelions lately. They take me back to being a kid. When I would run though my yard blowing wishes as my dad begged me to stop telling me they were weeds. Even as an adult I can't resist to see if I can blow all the seeds off with one blow. I don't care that more are going to sprout like my parents did that only means there will be more fun later. I love that my three year old gets so excited when she finds one. It is like she unearthed some treasure chest. Mommy mommy look I found a wishy. Maybe that is why I have a new found love for these little weeds.

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