September 8, 2009

Halloween is coming

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It is coming. Yes Halloween and I can't wait. Something about the kid in me still enjoys dressing up even if it is just to hand out candy or take the little ones trick or treating. I really love it and the fact that I still look like a middle school kid dressed up allows me to really stock up on treats. I still get a kick out of it when all the adults tell me that my little sisters are sooo cute. I don't even bother telling them that they are my children. Too funny.
To me today is like Monday because of the holiday so I am starting my week off today. I am excited as I will be posting new items to my shop today and posting a few things to my new store. I have alot of exciting things happening for me right now. I hope that exciting things are happening for you too. If anyone has good new please share by commenting it I am sure we all would love to hear it. Good day

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