September 9, 2009


I love the idea of anything that is reusable like this coffee sleeve, leave to the crafter to come up with this cute idea. I found this one at

I am in love with these cute little stuffed owls. I love the trendy fabric that was used it has a retro feel to it. I found these little guys in

This owl necklace reminds me of jade, I love the glitter. I found this little treasure in

These earrings are a one of a kind. I love that shade of orange. TOO CUTE I found these at

I love this little planter this would be really cute paired up with the trivet below. You could even plan some cooking herbs in it. I found this little find at

This would look great with any kitchen decor I also think it would be nice to hang anywhere else in the house. Found this in

Oh my word, these would be perfect to add to just about any crafting project...Made by and they also have them in a bunch of other colors..

This is super cute.. I love the fabric that was used and the giant eyes, Made by

When I was a little girl my family would take trip to Georgia most summers. I had a great aunt that we would visit while I was there. She collected owls and had a whole room dedicated to her collection. Every time we would visit her she would give us a tour of the room, I always looked forward to this. I loved to see the many different owls that she had. I have been a collector of many things but never of anything that I could dedicate a room to. I miss this time in my life and have been thinking of these trips we use to take.
My aunt is gone now but the memories she gave me are always on my heart. I think of her at times and I think of her collection, as anytime I see an owl I think of her. It is funny how things can lead to memories of a person, I like that about life. I wonder what things when seen bring people to think of me?


MeganZ said...

What a great collection you've put together here! Thanks so much for featuring my coffee sleeve... great blog!

glittirstar said...


Stacy's Designs 88 said...

I always have a bit of envy for people who love to collect just one thing. It must be so gratifying to be focussed on one special thing. Love your owl "collection". Thank you for including my Owl Earrings. Aloha from Hawaii, Stacy :)