January 23, 2011

Friends Wedding

So I have been working very hard on my Pay it forward gifts but at this time I have yet to finish one. Good thing I have all year right. No I do not plan on taking all year to do these how ever other projects have just taken president over them. My oldest daughter is turning 5 in a week. I don't know where time has gone I swear just yesterday she was a baby. I can't believe she has gotten so big and I feel like I have missed so much even though I have been right next to her for most of her life. We have been planning her Birthday party together this year. She is old enough now to know what she wants and she keeps reminding me of this daily. I have been so thankful to many blogs for all her decorations. I can't wait to post pictures for you guys to see.
Also one of my very dear friends is getting married tomorrow. It isn't a big ceremony as she just wanted something intimate and only invited her sister and me to take pictures. She plans to have a big wedding in the fall. I am so honored to be invited even if I am there to do a job. lol I made here this cute subway are as a small gift. I keep seeing this subway art everywhere and just know she is going to love it. She loves anything personal or handmade. I thought I would share as I get to take part in this wonderful moment in my dear friends life. I hope you guys enjoy as this took way longer than it looks. laughing out loud.


Leena Girsa said...

I'm sure your friend appreciated your work. Now following your blog from SC #342...hope you'll return the favor when you get a chance. http://alacards.blogspot.com

Paula Stewart said...

I'm also following you from SC, #354 http://sweetshoppecards.blogspot.com/