October 6, 2009


These earrings are really coming back into style as all things vintage are. I think this is a classic look that can really go with any outfit. Buy them here

I am starting to see pearls everywhere. I now see why...they go with everything from a dress to jeans and a cute top. These little treasures are only 10 dollars. What a deal and can be found here

Oh my word these are breath taking. I love the scrolls on these. I found these little wonders here

I am loving this shade of pink. This shop also has these in a few other colors it was hard to choose just one to feature. I found these Here


Talk about the wow effect. These would give you just that. I love how big the glass is and the purple is stunning too. I found these here 

These are so very pretty. Once again I love how big the glass is. I think I really appreciate jewelry that stands out as these do. I found them here

I just love earrings. I did this post because I am in need of some earrings. I sadly own only one pair. I know sad right. When we moved my children got into my jewelry box. Need I saw more. Well vintage is back and what better place to find vintage and handmade vintage items but etsy. I love that site as you can tell. I can spend all day on there. There were many other earrings I saw and really could of got wrapped up in todays post.

Anyways I want to apoligize for the lacks of posts lately I have really gotten my self wrapped up in my bible lately. I have also started to help out with my churches youth group and I am now preparing to go back to school. Yes I am a busy little bee.
I am in a hard place in life right now because I feel god tugging at me to do one thing but my heart is pulling another way. I know in the end that gods will, will be done. But I feel him leading me away from my on-line stores to focus on other things. This is sad for me, because I so love to create things and really enjoy selling on-line. Maybe a break from it, is in order just to figure out what I am needing to do. I am still going to hold up the blog and even start some give-a-ways real soon. For the time being I will post twice a week, once on Tuesdays and once one Fridays. Just a quick reminder to you guys. You can click on the pictures to take you to the item, and you can click one the Here to take you to the store. I also want to thank all my followers for following. You guys mean so much to me and I hope you have a blessed week.

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